Constellation One – Fund Overview

CMVM Registration No. 1921
Fund Size 30 million euros (with 5 million euros as the fund activation threshold)
Fund Term 7 years
Minimal subscription 500,000 Euros
Fund Subscription Fee 1%, i.e. 5000 Euros
Fund Manager Lynx Asset Managers – Portugal’s largest private fund management company, with more than 2 billion euros under management. (
Investment Scope 1. Investment in several high-technology related areas including LED displayers, green-energy vehicles, photovoltage panels, among others.                                                                                                                  2. Operational management of several tourism-related projects in Portugal.
Shareholder structure Investors subscribe to 85% of the fund’s shares as priority investors, while Level Constellation, LDA subscribes to the remaining 15% as subordinate investors, providing maximum security to the investors.
Custodian bank Bankinter
Auditor DFK & Associados, SROC, Lda, (SROC nº 149)
Profit Distribution Distribution only at the liquidation. Priority shareholders will be the first to be refunded for their capital investment, before the subordinate investors receive their refund of investment capital. The remaining profits after the refunding will be equally divided between the two classes of shareholders, aka the priority and subordinate will each receive 50% of the profit distribution.
Refund of invested capital The refund of invested capital will take place during liquidation.
Taxation According to the current Portuguese legislation, fund profits for individual investors are exempt from tax.
Transfer of fund inscription The B share investors have rights to transfer their fund inscription according to the fund regulations. It is necessary to register with the registration authority. The registration becomes valid since the date of submission of application to the registration authority. However, the B shareholders should be aware that they will automatically become illegible for the application of Golden Visa after the transfer.