The Rehabilitation of Midões School Won the Special Jury Prize in 8th National Prize of Urban Rehabilitation

With our great honor, we would like to share with you the great news that, the project of “The School of All of Us” (Portuguese name),  initiated, managed and supported by Level Constellation,  has received the Special Jury Prize in the National Prize of Urban Rehabilitation 2021 (Prémio Nacional de Reabilitação Urbana 2021).

The award ceremony was held on the 17th of September, 2020in Porto.

The Midões school was completed destroyed in the forest fire in October 2017. When the president of Level Constellation, Yong Wen, saw the news on TV, he decided immediated that the company needs to act to support. Level Constellation got in touch with the APPII, Portuguese Association of Real Estate Promotors and Investor, to organize the members of the association to help with the rehabilitation of the school. The core project team was formed in the following manner: APPII and Level Constellation took the role of project manager and coordinator; MAP Engenharia acted as the general contractor; Diogo Freire de Andrade was responsible for the architecture design; and Invescon took the responsibility Project supervision.

More than 500 thousand euros were raised and more than 40 companies contributed their parts. This is the biggest projects of solidarity completed by the real estate sector. On 15th of October, 2019,  Marcelo Ribeiro de Sousa, the President of Republic of Portugal, attended the launch ceremonyof the new school and gave a public speech,  appreciating the kindness and unity this rehabilitation work stands for.

(Right to left:President of Level Constellation Yong Wen,  President of Republic of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of Municipal of Tábua, Midões, Mário de Almeida Loureiro )

It is a greathonour  that the Project of the School of All of Us has been awarded this special prize. It is not only an opportunity for corporate social responsibility, but also a fantastic channel for friendship, trust, and collaboration among the partners in the real estate industry. We also regard it as an inspiration to for further connections with the local communities . After all, kindness is the ultimate strength and resolution.

22 September, 2020

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